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Do you owe too much?

Are you behind on your mortgage? Do you need a short sale? Goodman Group Las Vegas will negotiate the best deal for you! We understand that things can get tough. That’s why we try to help you the best we can with our short sale expertise.

What is a short sale?

When things become tough and you get behind on your mortgage payment, you run the risk of foreclosure. A foreclose is when the bank forces you out of your home by selling it for whatever is owed to them.

A foreclosure can happen for a number of reasons:

In the event of foreclosure, many people decide to walk away from their homes. This may not be the best option. But there are options, rest assured. That is where we implement our short sale Las Vegas service.A short sale is when you, and in this case, your realtors, work with the banks to come to a compromise. With a short sale, your home is sold for less than the amount owed on mortgage. And that is where we come in.

Up to $30,000 in your pocket!

Goodman Group Las Vegas negotiates with the bank to get you the best deal out of your short sale! That means you can walk away with some rather than nothing. Our goal is to make your short sale as monetarily advantageous as possible.

Our Las Vegas real estate team has been perfecting our process for around 19 years. When it comes to short sales, you never want to go through it alone.

Short Sale Las Vegas

Our advice is this: Don’t negotiate with bank alone! A short sale can be a viable option for you, and Goodman Group Las Vegas will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us today at (702) 353-9292.

Are you even upside down? With the current real estate market, you may not even need to do a short sale. For a FREE home Valuation and GOOD advice fill out the form below.

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