Justin Goodman, REALTOR®

Founder, Team Leader


Justin Goodman has been in the real estate game for more than 19 years. As a buyer’s agent, he works with you for free! Full service listings for 1%. Justin is an expert negotiator who has closed over 3,000 transactions for buyers and sellers during his career.


Justin Goodman got his start in retail, where a friend of his told him he had a knack for sales. This projected Justin in the direction of his current career. He soon was recommended a position as a real estate agent—Goodman hasn’t looked back since.

In fact, his career has blossomed into a very lucrative business, the Goodman Group Las Vegas, his very own real estate group.

Goodman Group Realty

His professional goal is to help people make sound real estate decisions that will positively impact their lives. Attention to detail, continuing education and a genuine concern for his clients has provided the foundation for Goodman Group Las Vegas.

Justin Goodman realized that helping people realize their real estate dreams was his dream.

That’s why he works extra hard to ensure that every transaction is as smooth and beneficial as possible for clients.

Any real estate agent can drive you around and show you homes for sale—but Justin Goodman will take care of you while you find the perfect home. He will show you and tell you everything before making an offer on the home. He understands that buying a home is an exciting and complex adventure that can also be time-consuming and costly—especially if you’re not familiar with all aspects of the process and don’t have all the information and resources at hand.


You can find Justin Goodman with Goodman Group Las Vegas! Contact our Las Vegas real estate agents for help buying or selling your home! (702)-353-9292